Former St. Tammany coroner pleads guilty to corruption charges

New Orleans, La. - Former St. Tammany Parish coroner Dr. Peter Galvan pleaded guilty Wednesday to corruption charges after entering a not guilty plea last week.

Wednesday afternoon, Galvan went before Federal Judge Susie Morgan and entered a plea of guilty to those federal charges.

Prosecutors filed charges against him October 11th.

The feds charged Galvan with conspiracy to commit theft of property and money. The bulk of the money Galvan allegedly stole was $111,000 of unused vacation and sick leave he cashed out.

A FOX 8 investigation showed luxurious vacations, but also an office policy that clearly stated Galvan couldn't be paid that money.

The feds say Galvan conspired to pay himself the money against his office policy.

The investigation also focused on a contract with the City of Slidell. It's a contract Galvan had as a medical doctor and not thru the coroner's office.

FOX 8 revealed how Galvan never went to the jail, but sent his chief death investigator Mark Lombard.

The feds also allege Galvan used office funds to buy a marine generator, a life raft, and flotation devices for his personal boat.

And finally, the feds charged Galvan for putting $15,000 on his public credit card including meals and personal items Galvan claimed were for the office.

He resigned from his position last Friday.

If convicted, Galvan faces a maximum of five years in prison, $250,000 in fines and would have to pay restitution.

A trial date is set for December 16th.