St. Tammany Public School System retains "A" status

The St. Tammany Parish Public School System remains an "A" School System in the latest District Performance Scores released by the Louisiana Department of Education Thursday.

The school system continues to see growth as a district and among individual schools. In large school districts, which have 25,000 or more students, the St. Tammany Parish Public School System remains #1 in the state.

The District Performance Score for St. Tammany Parish Public Schools is 104.6 based on the new formula of 150 possible points. This score is impressive given that the School System continues to see substantial growth in enrollment across the parish.

At the school level, there are also many success stories. The number of "A" schools has increased from 15 to 21. In all, 43 St. Tammany Parish Public Schools saw positive growth.

School Board President Elizabeth Heintz said, "We are very proud of the accomplishments of everyone involved in achieving this success. Remaining an "A" School District is a testament to countless hours of work and the determination of our teachers, staff, administrators, students and parents."

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