10 Saints record receptions in versatile win

Who Dats have come to expect these type of performances from Drew Brees, a surgical precision to the passing attack. But what made today's game unique was the eye-popping number of Saints on the receiving end of his 332 yards.

"Just our ability to spread the ball and get everyone involved, as long as we're moving the football and scoring points, that's all that matters," Brees said.

10 players recorded receptions, with seven grabbing at least three catches. That kind of balanced distribution is what makes the Saints offense so difficult to defend.

"We've got so many guys who can do so many different things out there, so many guys who are capable of making plays, and tonight was a display of that," Lance Moore said.

Ben Watson added, "Drew does a great job of seeing the field obviously, we all know that. There are no routes that you run and don't get the ball. You get it when you least expect it, so you have to be ready. I think it's a tribute to everybody, just staying in the game, keeping their head in it, not knowing when they might get the ball."

Lance Moore, Kenny Stills and Jimmy Graham scored the touchdowns, but Marques Colston, Darren Sproles, Ben Waston, Pierre Thomas, Josh Hill, Jed Collins and even Robert Meachem all worked their way into the stat sheet.

"It's what's great about being here," Jimmy Graham said. "He's (Drew Brees) is going to throw it to the open guy. Everyone is like he targets you this many times, and it's really not about that. He throws to who he thinks is open. And that can be different from game to game. If a team's doubling me or doubling Sproles, we're going to find that one-on-one matchup. That's what he does. He goes through his reads, and he's gonna find the open man."

Brees added, "You never know whose day it is going to be. We come in always with a game plan that has opportunities for everybody. We just see how it unfolds. Did we know Kenny Stills was going to have three catches for (129) yards and two touchdowns? No. Those were two huge plays that he was able to get open or just make great individual play."

Stills is gaining more confidence from his quarterback, but also from his fellow wide receivers. He's been spending extra time in the mornings with veteran wideout Lance Moore, what he describes as less sleep, more time in the weightroom, a transition that did not come easily for the young rookie.

"Yeah, I'm not a big morning person, so for me to get up that way, it paid off today, so I want to stick to it," Stills said. "Just getting back to work, going back tomorrow, staying on the routine I've been doing with Lance and continue to work on the little things and get on the same page."

Moore chimed in, "It's awesome to see him grow. You see him make plays every day in practice, and you're like man the sky is the limit for this guy. And for him to go out there and make the type of plays that he made today, it's just an example for what we see on a day to day basis, so it's good to see him grow, and it's our job to keep bringing him up."