Audit: Some serious crimes not reported by NOPD

New Orleans, La. - The New Orleans Police Department may not have reported some of the city's serious crimes to the feds last year, according to a newly released report from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

To qualify for money for anti-crime programs and grants, police agencies across the state must report crime statistics to the Louisiana Commission of Law Enforcement.

Crime reports are divided into two categories.

Part 1 Offenses like homicide, rape and aggravated assault and Part 2 offenses such as drug abuse and vandalism.

State legislative auditors reviewed a thousand incidents called in to dispatchers during 2012 and found 319 of them should have been counted as Part 1 crimes, but were not.

The reports states the largest problem area was found from officers who said a report would be filed after the initial investigation.

The NOPD says the largest share of the crimes not reported was because of a "computer programming error" which has been corrected.

New Orleans Senator J.P. Morrell asked the legislative auditor to look into the city's crime statistics back in May.

"How can we have such high murder statistics that completely uncategorically with everyone else yet every other number be suppressed. I mean in order for that logic to hold, you would have to argue every single person in the city is highly trained assassin or high man because apparently no on misses," said Morrell.

Some have alleged the NOPD intentionally under reported crime

Chief Serpas has said that is absolutely false.

The audit says the NOPD should review it's dispatch system data to identify the unreported Part One major crimes and improve documentation and training efforts.