Tulane football learning to handle success

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New Orleans, La. - Times are changing on the Tulane campus Uptown with talk of failures in the football program is long gone.

Curtis Johnson has only been the head coach since 2012, but the bowl talk has arrived after the wave beat Tulsa this past Saturday "Like I told them this morning, now they've got even more girlfriends than last week, they've got more family members, they've got more everything. The pastor's calling them, the coaches from high school from all over the country, everywhere that they've been, everybody's calling them. So the concentration level's gotta be right on, and we gotta continue to keep our single-minded focus. We haven't achieved our goals yet."

Winning and getting noticed around campus is all new to the players but CJ's morning message is already taking hold with his squad, according to senior running back Orleans Darkwa "It's been so long for this program to actually have that type of conversation. So being able to be bowl-eligible right now is a great feeling, but at the same time as a group we know we're not done yet. So we just gotta continue to practice even harder because we got a target on our back now."

The Wave will be going "bowling" this year, they're just not ready to say where just yet according to Johnson "I'd love to go to the New Orleans Bowl, or any other bowl. It's just that what we want to do right now is we just gotta concentrate on what we're doing right now and then we just want to play and win as many games as we can. Hopefully we win them all, and then whatever bowl would accept us, we'll go to that bowl. We win them all, we go to the New Orleans Bowl, that'd be fine."

Even though Florida Atlantic's record is 2-6 and the Wave's is 6-2, Vegas installed Tulane as a four point underdog.