Heart of Louisiana: Lloyd's Country Store

WESTLAKE, La. - Most people would like to get rid of a lot of the old stuff they have stored in their homes, but one family in Westlake, La., is turning those things into an old-time country store. And whether you're shopping for antiques or just interested browsing a bit and stepping back in time, FOX 8's Dave Mcnamara explores Lloyd's Country Store' in tonight's Heart of Louisiana.

It's an odd collection of stuff.

"See how we use it just to stack stuff on?" said store owner Allen Seal. "He used to run an old service station, and that's what he used to change tires."

It's the kind of stuff that most people try to clear out of their garages and attics. But Allen takes it all in. He's never met a piece of junk he didn't like. There are saddles and bicycles, the skis are next to the washing machine, tools and toys, beds and a phone booth. There is stuff cleared out of a shed, and even the shed itself.

"We're going to make an ice cream parlor, snow cone stand out of it," Allen said.

It has all found a home around Allen's real estate office in Westlake.

"Especially being in the real estate business, coming across - you know - things that people have saved over years, and then they sell their house and something in there just ready to liquidate and get rid of things," Allen said.

After filling a warehouse with the old stuff, Allen and his wife, Pamela, created Lloyd's Country Store - a showcase for their oddball collection.

"Thank goodness - I'm glad we have Lloyd's Country Store, because when you come to our house, it's all neat and clean," Pamela said. "We don't have all of the stuff cluttered up in the garage. It's all here."

Lloyd's is named after Allen's father, who was also a collector.

"So as a collector, his memory lives on through the store," Pamela said.

Allen also likes old cars, and he's been able to create what looks like an old-time gas station in front of his country store.

"We got the gas pumps from a gentlemen in Moss Bluff," Allan said. "We took 'em to our house and restored 'em."

Remember when gas was 29 cents a gallon?

"Then the old '56 Chevrolet - was an old preacher in Lake Charles had that," Allan said.

The property is surrounded by old vehicles. And when you step inside the store, you step back in time. From the furniture to the old radios, and a jukebox with hits from the 60s and 70s, collections of spoons and 45 rpm records – they're the kinds of things you might remember from your grandparents' house.

"People that come by and you see the look on their face when they come in, and see all of the memories, you know," Allan said.

"It's a fun way to be able to showcase days gone by," Pamela said.

Or you can just try out the porch swing and sip on a soda, and reminisce about all of the old stuff you see.

Lloyd's Country Store is open on the first and third Fridays and Saturdays of the month. You can also call for an appointment. For more information, see the Facebook page here.