Tulane juggling playing time for two talented quarterbacks

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New Orleans, La. - Devin Powell has helped lead the Wave to two victories in a row while Nick Montana has been nursing a shoulder injury.

This Saturday against Florida Atlantic, it looks like Montana will get his starting job back according to coach Curtis Johnson "We do expect him to play.  I would say he took 60 percent of the reps, 60-65 percent of the reps today, Devin took 40 or 35 percent.  I don't know the actual numbers, but it was about that.  He looks a lot better, he looks good, he looks like he's not injured anymore, so he'll be ready this game."

Montana hasn't taken a snap since October 5th against North Texas, but CJ feels the near-month layoff will not affect his game "You know, he looked good today.  I thought he looked pretty good.  He made some throws that before, like, the last couple weeks, before North Texas and East Carolina, he made some throws that he didn't make before.  Not East Carolina, Monroe.  He made some throws that he hadn't been making in those weeks.  So I think that his arm is a little bit stronger."

Montana will be the first guy in Saturday but Johnson has a plan for his freshman backup also "We're going to play both quarterbacks.  We haven't discussed exactly what we're doing.  Both of those guys are practicing their plays, and a lot of their plays are the same, so we are practicing both of them.  We fully anticipate both of them playing.  I kind got an idea, we haven't talked about it yet.  I just want to see Nick throw one more day, and then we'll make a determination on that, probably after tomorrow's practice."