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Three charged with DWI in Lafourche Parish this Halloween

THIBODAUX, La. - Three people were charged with driving while intoxicated offenses during the Blue Light Special patrol conducted by the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's office on Halloween this year.

Ricki Burnham and Dayne Andras were both arrested for their second offenses, while Sloan Breaux was cited for her first.

Burnham was pulled over by police in the Cut Off area when they spotted his vehicle crossing the center line multiple times, according to police. The deputies who pulled over Burnham said there was a strong smell of alcohol on his breath and conducted field sobriety tests, which he did not do well on. Deputies also found an open container of alcohol in his car.

Police say Burnham attempted to intimidate the officers during the traffic stop saying that he could have them fired. Burnham eventually agreed to take a breathalyzer test and blew a .142g% blood alcohol level. He was placed under arrest for his second DWI offence, public intimidation, possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles and improper lane usage.

Earlier that night at approximately 7 p.m., deputies noticed a car stopped in the travel lane on Laurel Valley road with the driver-side door open. WHen they approached the vehicle they found Dayne Andras about 100 yards away. Andras said that he had stopped to catch a bullfrog and deputies said the smelled alcohol on his breath.

While speaking to Andras, Sloan Breaux got into the driver's seat of the parked car and drove up to where police were talking to Andras. Police noted that she too appeared to be intoxicated and deputies performed field sobriety and breathalyzer tests on both of them. Andras showed a blood alcohol content of .240g% while Breaux shows a content of .124g%. Breaux was cited for her first DWI offence and Andras was placed under arrest for his second as well as obstructing public passages and have no drivers license.

This was Andras's second arrest in the last two months according to police. Andras walked through a police checkpoint on the night of Sept.20 and began yelling profanities at deputies. According to police the deputies decided to transport Andras home, but he refused to give his name or cooperate with deputes and was then arrested for disturbing the peace while intoxicated and resisting an officer. 


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