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Houma Police: 14-year-old killed in ATV accident

HOUMA, La. - Fluorescent dots mark the spot where one life ended and so many others were forever changed.

Houma Police said five boys, ages 11 to 14, were riding an ATV Sunday afternoon. Witnesses told investigators the boys were speeding alongside another ATV when the 13-year-old driver tried to make a left turn off Buena Vista Boulevard.

The ATV flipped, trapping 14-year-old John Farmer underneath it.

Betty Bourgeois saw the flashing police lights from her house.

"He couldn't get out, and the vehicle landed on top of him, I guess, but it killed him," she said. "It just broke my heart, really. It was sad."

Houma Police arrested the 13-year-old driver on several charges, including negligent homicide.

They also ticketed the adult owner of the ATV, Robin Reynolds, for improper supervision. Two other young boys were cited for driving ATVs.

Police Chief Todd Duplantis said it's an ongoing problem.

"It seems as though every year we end up with an injury, and this was a fatality, and it's a pretty sad situation," he said.

The law prohibits driving any type of golf cart or ATV on city streets, and Duplantis said his department is trying to crack down on illegal use. He said a quick phone call to police could save lives if people see ATVs being driven recklessly.

Betty Bourgeois worried about the ATV use in her neighborhood.

"When I see a bunch of them riding and going fast, I'm really concerned about it, but we don't tell them anything because young kids, they don't think anything will happen to them, you know?" she said.


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