Saints respond to Miami bullying scandal

METAIRIE, La. - Hazing problems that have made the Dolphins a nationwide story have never been an issue with the Saints.

Coach Sean Payton said the strong leadership of his veterans makes the younger guys' transition with the black and gold much easier.

"I think we play close attention to just the incoming or the infusion of new players," he said. "I think we've got, to a credit of our leadership, we've got a real good culture in regards to developing young players. It's something that is important in today's football because these young players are playing much quicker than maybe twenty years ago. Getting them into rookie camp and getting them into OTAs and into our program and our expectations is something that we pay a lot of attention to and the veteran players on this team do a great job with that."

Drew Brees agreed that there is light ribbing, but said it's all within reason.

"There is stuff that happens on the field and we always say, hey leave everything on the field," he said. "There are disagreements, fights, stuff that is said off the field that you just don't take on the field. You shouldn't. You will see guys fighting on the field and 30 minutes later they are in the cafeteria having lunch together."

Safety Kenny Vaccaro felt the wrath of being a rookie in training camp when he got taped to the goal post, but the incident didn't seem to affect him.

"I just did everything with a smile on my face," he said. "I feel like that makes them not get a kick out of it when you're willing to do everything."