Mayor Landrieu vetoes council vote on taxi cab reforms

NEW ORLEANS - Mayor Landrieu vetoed the City Council's latest move to delay taxi cab reform. On Thursday, the Council had approved pushing back the requirements on aging cabs by one year.

Dozens of cabbies parked their vehicles and piled into city hall Thursday, all wearing green shirts that read "cab drivers for justice."

The dispute is over sweeping reforms the Council approved to upgrade the city's entire taxicab fleet.

Because of the mayor's veto, drivers with cabs that are 10 years old and older have until Dec. 31 to implement upgrades.

Some cab drivers complain that with all the upgrades - such as installing credit card machines -  they can't afford new vehicles.

"You have cab drivers here who've had to purchase a brand new cab; who had to take out a second mortgage on their houses," said cab driver Delores Montgomery.

Mayor Landrieu tweeted: "The city is moving ahead with reform and remains steadfast to safe, clean and reliable cabs."