Actor Hugh Laurie to reign as Bacchus 2014

New Orleans, La.- British actor Hugh Laurie, who won wide recognition for his portrayal of Dr. Gregory House in the television series called House, has been named by the Krewe of Bacchus officials as their celebrity king for 2014.

Laurie was highly praised for playing the role with an American accent that was so good the show's director initially thought he was an American actor.  During the show's long run from 2004 to 2012, Laurie received two golden globe awards, two screen actors guild awards and six Emmy nominations.

Bacchus Captain Owen "Pip" Brennan said, "we are very pleased that Hugh Laurie has accepted our initiation to ride as king of Bacchus in 2014. Mr Laurie has a great sense of humor and we think he will be a perfect fit for Mardi Gras. We predict the Mardi Gras crowds will love him!"

Prior to accepting the role of Dr. Gregory house, Laurie was a star of British movies, TV and concerts.  Among his multiple talents is an ability to sing. Laurie was also well-known in Great Britain for his comedy routines.