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Man shot by Kenner Police dies

KENNER, La. - When a license plate recognition camera received a hit on a stolen Nissan Altima Friday night, Kenner Police responded to the 3500 block of Martinique Avenue.

"As he got out with his flashlight, the officer walked around the vehicle and didn't see anything initially," said Kenner Police Chief Steve Caraway.

Police said as the officer walked to the front of the car, he saw 24-year-old Don White lying back in the driver's seat with the engine running.

"He ordered him to show is hands and exit the vehicle," Caraway said. "Shortly after that, he saw the tail lights of the vehicle come on, and the vehicle accelerated towards him. The officer had his gun drawn."

Caraway say the officer shot White in the head. He later died at University Hospital.

Family and friends of White tell a different story about what they believe happened Friday night. They claim White was not trying to run over the officer.

"My cousin was just leaned back in the seat, and he was on the phone with his baby's momma. The police just fired at him," said Tiffany Mitchell.

His family admits they didn't witness what happened, but they insist the officer shot White for no reason.

Police said the car White was in had been stolen Oct. 24 during a home burglary a block away. They said White was identified as suspect in the case about two weeks ago when another stolen vehicle was found by police.

"There was another vehicle that we recovered right where this occurred," Caraway said. "It was stolen from New Orleans on Frenchman Street. Two people were arrested."

Inside of that vehicle, police said they found stolen property from the Martinique address.

"During the arrest, one of the suspects implicated Don White was in possession of this vehicle," Caraway said.

As the investigation continues, the veteran officer who shot White has been placed on administrative duties.

Police said they found a loaded gun in the stolen vehicle driven by White.

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