Recapping Jim Henderson's week ten web chat

New Orleans, La. - When the Saints play on prime time, at home, the result is usually a convincing win.  It happened again Sunday night against the Cowboys, although this level of dominance was something no one, not even the voice of the Saints Jim Henderson, was expecting:

"I don't think anybody on either side of this rivalry were expecting that sort of domination, the way the Saints won it, who contributed.  Every week Sean Payton usually says after the game and on Monday 'well we've got a few things we need to clean up.'  After yesterday's game, the only thing that comes to mind is Garrett Hartley's kicking.  Other than that, there aren't many mistakes that I don't think anybody saw on the part of the Saints."

The performance was about as close to perfect as a team can get with the Saints dominating every aspect of the stat sheet, including the run game, where the Saints gashed Dallas for 242 yards.  Even more surprising, 145 of them came from Mark Ingram:

"One thing, even when he was not running well, that we mentioned in the course of these Monday night web chats was where are the holes?  The guy is getting hit in the backfield before he takes the football.  Yesterday there were holes, they blew people off the line of scrimmage, he had holes and he showed what he can do with those holes any back has to have them."

On the defensive side of the ball, Henderson says the game ball goes to Rob Ryan who devised a scheme to shut down the team that fired him:

"Probably Rob Ryan wanted that one last night more than he did want the one against his brother the week before and after the game, Jerry Jones was very effusive in his praise of Rob Ryan.  You look at Monte Kiffin and they're not too pleased with him over there right now.  They're going to have the worst defense in the NFL, they were 31st last week, they'll easily be 32nd this week."