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JP parents sound off on controversial Common Core standards

GRETNA, La. - As the installation of Common Core standards continues across Louisiana, some people, like Donna Dupree, say the program is causing big problems.

"I have a sixth-grader that is failing because of it. He doesn't understand it. I don't understand it and I can't help him at home," Dupree said. "We sit at night and go over this, and he cries because he doesn't get it, and I cry because I can't do it."

On Monday, Dupree was among a group of people who turned out for an informational meeting on Common Core held by the Jefferson Parish Public School System.

However, while signs of discontent with the controversial program keep popping up across the state, some parents welcome the new educational approach.

"I personally love it," said Erin Comeaux. "We were fortunate enough to have our principal start enrolling the standards early on, so it really wasn't hard for us to be adjusted to it. My sons are flourishing."

Shanida Mathieu agreed.

"I really think Common Core is a very good thing for children, of course, having our children to be able to have more high-order thinking skills and learn a little bit more than what, typically, they were taught," she said.

Bill Murphy, who serves as chief networks officer for the JPPSS, said parents often view Common Core as a curriculum. However, he said it's all about reaching the standards students must master by the end of a grade level.

"How we teach it, how we determine if the kids have mastered it, what the day-to-day life of a student looks like - that is all a district or school-based decision heavily informed by the expertise of a teacher," Murphy said.

Still, some say they've noticed obvious curriculum changes, and they're hoping to get some answers.

"I'm really here to try to understand what it is that's going on and what I can do to help him because, the way that it looks, it's not going to end," Dupree said.

Another meeting for Jefferson Parish parents is scheduled Tuesday at Worley Middle School in Westwego from 5:30 p.m to 7 p.m.

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