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Fatal wreck blamed on roadway mattress

SLIDELL, La. - Troopers connect a Mississippi man's death in a fiery wreck to a mattress that flew off somebody else's vehicle.  

Louisiana state police say the victim was driving a Ford pick-up truck that plowed into the back of an 18-wheeler Sunday night on Interstate 59.

The accident happened north of Slidell.

The driver of the rig says when he ran over a mattress in the roadway, it ripped out fuel and electrical lines.

The 18-wheeler immediately became disabled, and the driver was unable to pull over onto the shoulder, so troopers say he was forced to stop in the right lane.

State police say the pick-up truck then ran into the back of the rig, sparking a fiery explosion.

The truck became engulfed in flames and the driver died when he was unable to escape.

The victim has been identified as Thomas Neumann, 47,  of Carriere, Mississippi.

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