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Mother of murdered infant wants justice

NEW ORLEANS - Weak from mourning, Amy Kinard says she's barely hanging on.

"I'm trying. That's all I can do," she said.

Her 7-month-old son, Deshawn Kinard, became the city's youngest murder victim of 2013.

"He was nothing but a baby," Kinard said. "You didn't give him a chance to do what he needed to do in life."

Amy Kinard was driving in the 2100 block of Gen. Degaulle Wednesday night when a dark-colored SUV pulled up beside her and at least one gunman opened fire.

Little Deshawn was shot in the head as he slept in his car seat. The infant's father, Deshawn Butler, was sitting next to his son. He was shot multiple times and died on the scene.

So far, police have no suspects.

"If you really want to stop this, put your effort in," said Kinard's sister, Bridgette. "That's the only way it's going to happen. We all need to come together to stop the violence."

Police say the shooting was gang-related, stemming from a feud between the Fischer Fools gang and the Hot Block gang.

While tips are coming in to Crimestoppers, there is a level of fear in the community.

"I understand the brutality of this and the level of violence," said says Darlene Cusanza, with Crimestoppers. "I would be frightened too, but I would tell somebody to think back. We've been here for 32 years, and you've never heard of anyone being retaliated against. That's a long history."

Cusanza stressed that all tipsters will remain anonymous. Once a call is answered by Crimestoppers, the operator simply takes the tip and gives you a tip number.

Little Deshawn's family is desperate for answers. They hope - fear aside - that someone will come forward with the information that police need to make an arrest.

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