Ryan looks to shut down Niners' run-heavy system

NEW ORLEANS - Last year, Colin Kaepernick and the Niners frustrated the Saints all day with their zone read option offense. They racked up 375 yards total against Steve Spagnuolo's unit.

This summer Rob Ryan expressed a need in shutting down this run-heavy system. On Sunday he'll see if all his film study paid off.

"We certainly are, so I guess we'll find out huh? I think we spent a lot of good time on it. I think a lot of the entire league has, but we'll see it fast and furious. We've been pretty good on it and at times we weren't as good as we needed to be. We'll have to be on point this week for sure," Ryan said.

As Coach Ryan said, they'll "gore you with you Gore," meaning the Niners will ground and pound it with running back Frank Gore. Is the 18th ranked rushing defense in the NFL ready for this all-out attack?

"The proof is in the pudding, but I'm not flinching on how we've done. We're not flinching there. We are who we are. We play the game differently; a lot of people do. We're fine with it. We weren't happy with the Jets game by any stretch. We had some missed assignments there and early in the Dallas game that were quickly fixed. We'll see," Ryan said.

Saints fans took pictures of Rob with his brother Rex on Royal Street this past Saturday. Then he was caught on video toasting fans after the Cowboys victory. When asked why he's so popular to take pics with, he gave a typical Rob response.

"They're impressed with just how good-looking I am (laughter). No, Mrs. Mae's is on Magazine Street, but I was honestly feeling under the weather and my wife was like, 'We always do this. We go celebrate with the guys.' So we did, and I guess it got out there. We do enjoy this city, there's no question about it. This is our type of town. We love this place, the people are great. Wherever we show up, the people have been great. They're big football fans in this town, and we sure enjoy it. I know that."