Jim Henderson's web chat Saints vs. 49ers

When it comes to the Saints' eighth win of the year, over the San Francisco 49ers, it wasn't just the fact that they won but to the voice of the Saints, Jim Henderson, it was the style in which they won it in.

"I thought they had a great game plan, they knew exactly what it took to win and that was to run the football and stop Frank Gore, to try to take care of the football and although they fell short in that, this was the kind of physical football game the Saints haven't been known for in the past and I think the leading up to the game Drew was asked 'is this a revenge factor after what happened in the regular season, what happened in the playoff game?' and he downplayed but afterwards I think other people in the locker room said this was kind of special, they remembered the last two games."

For the second straight week the defense was magnificent as they completely shut down running back Frank Gore and contained quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  All in all, they surrendered less than 200 yards for the second week in a row.  Henderson believes this unit is the best since Sean Payton has been here:

"There are probably some other comparisons that could be made to previous defenses at this point in the season but I think even the Saints are surprised how good their defensive line is, how deep it is and how young it is and to me, that's the biggest surprise."

But on Sunday in order for the Saints to win they needed all three phases of the game and that meant counting on Garrett Hartley for the win.  Despite being in somewhat of a slump coming into the game, Hartley delivered:

"As we said a week ago, you just can't give up on these guys when they're young and have a strong leg and have done it in the past. Almost every kicker is going to go through these little valleys and if you panic and get rid of them then you're going to probably get somebody off the street who's going through the same thing and been given up on by other teams so I was glad to see them stick with Hartley, I thought they would and now, he's safe for another week."

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