Rob Ryan discusses the impact of losing Jabari Greer

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Metairie, La. - Sean Payton announced today that CB Jabari Greer has been placed on the Injured Reserve with a torn ACL, ending his season.

The following are defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's comments to the media, as transcribed by the New Orleans Saints:

Can you address this Ahmad Brooks hit on Drew Brees and how difficult it is to coach your defenders the target area?

"I mean I think those are the rules. You don't have to like the rules but you have to play by them. We teach to try and grab quarterbacks at the waist. We've had a couple of hits at the quarterback that we were called for. We had to coach the young man up. Corey White had two in a row where he launched on a guy. He wasn't trying to (not play by the rules). He was trying to grab him around the waist but you can't leave your feet. Those are the things you have to constantly coach. The best part about this game is the players. I think the safety of the players is something that everybody is coaching. Guys are coaching head up tackling all throughout the things (levels). Nelson Stewart does a great job out there at Newman (High School). He is always preaching that. I think it is every level. It is a real thing and it something that you have to play by the rules."

The reactions for Tedy Bruschi and Ray Lewis is that the league is getting soft.

"Two of the toughest players that have ever played the game and they would have played without helmets (are) those two. I was fortunate enough to be around Tedy and Rex (Ryan) coached Ray. Those are two of the toughest guys in the league. I think at the end I think this makes our league a safer place and obviously people want to see the best players in the world play and not be out. Whatever it is it is and we just try to teach tackling the right way."

How tough is it to lose Jabari Greer for the season and what are your thoughts on Corey White assuming his role?

"Jabari (Greer) was having such a great year. He is great person. We will miss him in the locker room most. But he was having a great year. He was doing everything we asked him to do and then some. This Corey White has really been an ascending player. He has been outstanding. He is a physical player. He is a smart kid. He is getting better and better. We've lost some great players along the way and we are so fortunate to have excellent players behind him and that is what this Corey White has been doing, begging for an opportunity. He is going to be great when he gets in there."

Can you talk about your defense holding your opponent to 21 first downs the last two games and do you think that is unprecedented for a defense you've coached?

"Probably. I've never been around an offense getting 40 first downs. Our offense is phenomenal. We play team football here. However it is it is, we are just trying to be a little tiny part of the success. Our guys just keep working hard and we are young. We are going to get better. That is our biggest thing, we just want to keep getting better and better so we can be a little tiny part of our success."

Were some of the packages from the last few games ones that you came up with back in the summer at training camp?

"No we've had the third down package a little bit, but those were relatively new. The extra (line) backer package is new. But each week we try to put our matchups against there's and however it is we want to try to do that. The first thing Sean (Payton) does (each week) is lay a plan out. These are the guys that are going to be inactive. These are the guys that are active and as our coaching staff on defense, we will look at who we have available and how the best we can slow down the opponent. That is everybody, that's me, that's Joe Vitt, Andre Curtis, Crime Dog (Wesley McGriff), B.Y. (Brian Young) and Marcus (Ungaro). It is all of us together and we come up with a plan and we thought the extra backer plan would be good last week and the move around defensive line on subs was pretty good."

No Julio Jones this week, does that change from the last game?

"Yes, he's a great player. We doubled him the entire time game last game. Obviously we will have a new attack (in place). I know they are doing a good job (despite their record). Steven Jackson is running motivated. I guess people are saying bad things about him. I am certainly not one of them. This guy is a great football player, a (future) Hall of Famer. We have to bang him. He is big and strong and tough, so we have to get after him and Tony Gonzales. (Harry) Douglas is really coming on for Them. They put up a lot of points on a really good defense last week in Tampa Bay. We know we have our work cut out for us, but this time of year we have to be ready. We are giving everything we can with our preparation. Our guys are working hard and we have a young group that is hungry and want to do well."

Do you think the way you won the first game against Atlanta really laid the groundwork for this defense?

"It is a hell of a lot better winning it than losing it. We weren't looking to start that way. From that point on it was great. We had a pretty good in depth game plan for them and all summer long we had studied. In my opinion if you are any good as a coach then you should have a pretty good plan for that first one. I thought we did. It took a couple weeks out of summer but it was worth it."

Do you follow the fanfare of your popularity here?

"I let them (Ms. Mae's) down because I took my dad to Impastato's. I think it is pretty funny, no question. My son every once and a while will tell me about the hair thing. These are great people here so I think everyone is having a good time with it. We certainly love it here, our family does. The people have been great to us. They've welcomed us with open arms out here. It is a great thing. It is a great place to be. We appreciate it. Trust me, I have a better time hustling the full ones than ducking the empties and I have been at both. I like it here."