Pelicans vs. Warriors: 3-point showdown

NEW ORLEANS - The Pelicans are no doubt relieved to return to the friendly confines of the New Orleans Arena tonight when they take on the Golden State Warriors. The Pelicans road-vs.-home point differential is the second largest in the NBA. At home, the team averages 105 points per game. On the road, just 96. 

Tonight promises to be a stellar three-point showcase, with two of the league's best shooting tandems going to war: the Pelicans' Ryan Anderson and Anthony Morrow versus the Warriors' Klay Thompson and Steph Curry. 

Here are all four players' three-point field goal percentages coming into the game. 

                           PELICANS                                                          WARRIORS
  ANDERSON                      MORROW                     CURRY                           THOMPSON
      53.5%                                 50.0%                           41.5%                                 47.9%