Hard freeze expected for northshore

A deepening trough is bringing the coldest air of the season north from Canada. Temperatures Wednesday afternoon will remain in the 40s, but under sunny skies.

Thanksgiving morning we'll likely see the first freeze on the southshore and northshore temperatures will drop into the low and mid 20's for several hours.

Sunshine will remain across the area for the next several days as high pressure at the surface will keep the weather rather quiet.

A very gradual warm up is expected by the weekend with temperatures back into the 60's, and possibly low 70's by Monday.

Residents on the northshore should take full precautions. Bring your pets and plants indoors and also protect your pipes. Residents on the southshore should also protect your pets and plants. It is not necessary to wrap your pipes. If you live in an elevated home, you may want to run a small stream of water.