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Armstrong Airport busy with Thanksgiving travelers

KENNER, La. - Armstrong International Airport filled with travelers heading to flights Wednesday. But some had to wait longer than expected to depart because of icy conditions in other parts of the country that delayed or even canceled some local flights.

Travelers arriving at the airport and those waiting to catch flights were serenaded with music provided by Tipitina's Foundation.

Some passengers trying to get to New York and Chicago said they expected delays, but were still confident they would get to their destination in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

"I'm not too worried," said Shari Ex as she waited for a flight for Chicago. "The weather there is usually pretty rough this time of the year, but never really had that much of a problem."    

"I'm hearing that the weather's pretty bad, you but I'll get home eventually, right?" said Kenneth Hasel, who was flying to New York. "Not worried. By tomorrow, you hope, huh? That's the goal, right before the turkey is on the table, right?"

They weren't the only ones taking the travel delays in stride.

"It doesn't matter that much we're off for the next four days anyway," said Candy Wiseman who was also heading to the Windy City.

The airport advises travelers flying out ahead of Thanksgiving to arrive two hours before their scheduled flights because of long lines at some airline counters and traffic outside the terminal.

Airport spokeswoman Michelle Wilcott said busy days will continue through the weekend as Bayou Classic fans begin flying in for Saturday's game. 



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