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Police investigate string of carjackings in Algiers

New Orleans, La. - New Orleans Police investigate a carjacking Wednesday night in Algiers that they say is connected to two others this week.

At the Algiers courthouse, a locksmith worked after hours, replacing all of the buildings locks and keys. Darren Lombard is the Clerk of Court here. Monday night, Lombard was with his cousin at about 11 p.m., putting out campaign signs along Patterson Drive, when he says three men approached them. Lombard explains, "Three guys walk up and pull out a gun and basically said we're robbing you, get down, give us your money, your keys, your phones."

Lombard says at first he was in a bit of shock. "I didn't understand his initial commands and then thought to myself, is this really happening? This can't be happening and then I thought, I better listen because I don't know with this guy, what he's going to do," Lombard recalled.

Taken were Lombard's keys, personal belongings, and his black Chevy Trailblazer. Stranded without a car or phone, Lombard and his cousin headed to the closest home and asked for help. He says he never would've thought something like this would happen in Algiers. But Lombard wasn't the only victim of criminal activity there recently.

Police hope surveillance video will help them catch the three men who carjacked someone two weeks ago. It shows a car following a minivan, just before police believe the minivan was torched. The victim told police he was driving on Copernicus Street when he pulled over to let a truck pass. Three masked gunmen jumped out and ordered the victim to give over his wallet, phone and van. The van was later found on Patterson. Darren Lombard says the crime in Algiers has gotten out of control the last few months. "I've grown up in Algiers, spent most of my adult life in Algiers and it never used to be this way," said Lombard.

Being robbed, car-jacked and held up at gunpoint has been a major inconvenience, Lombard says, but he's just thankful to have come out of the experience, alive. "I was happy we were in one piece and we were able to get back home."

So far, police say Lombard's carjacking, the one Wednesday on Post Oak Avenue and one Tuesday night on Maumus Avenue are all related. They haven't yet said if the carjacking on Copernicus is related.

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