Drew Brees talks about blowout loss at Seattle

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Seattle, Wa. - The Saints came into Monday night's game against the Seahawks hoping to prove their ability to win in a tough road environment but came away with more doubt surrounding them than at any point this season.

The following are Drew Brees' comments to the media after the game, as transcribed by the New Orleans Saints:

On the slow start and not being able to rally to get back into the game:

"Obviously, the first half was tough, going into halftime 27-7. Nothing we did offensively was right, we really couldn't get anything going. Looking back I think we had five possessions in the first half and four of them were three-and-outs, one of them we moved the ball and went down and got a touchdown. We converted some critical third downs and got a touchdown to answer their initial onslaught. But then after that we got stopped on two fourth downs in the fourth quarter that if had finished those drives with touchdowns it is certainly more respectable looking. But the fact of the matter is we took one on the chin today. We got outplayed today. They played great and they made a lot of plays and we didn't. They deserve a lot of credit both defensively and offensively for the way they played. They were certainly well prepared. This is a tough atmosphere to come in and play but obviously we are a much better team than what we put out on the field today.

On the response to the idea that the Saints have trouble playing on the road:

"I would say the statistics don't lie. Since 2009 we have the most wins on the road of any team in the NFL, period. Since 2006 we have the second most behind only the New England Patriots. So if you just look at that nobody has really done their research. We certainly didn't prove anyone wrong that was saying that by tonight's performance but I can say the weather did not play a factor. The noise, yes its loud yes its tough to communicate, you really have to have your stuff together but I felt like we did a good job communicating. So didn't feel like that was as big a factor than what some other teams deal with when they come here. We were prepared for that we just got outplayed. They played great, we didn't."

On if he felt like the game snowballed after getting down 17-0:

"That is such an early score. It was what, 3-0? Then 10-0. The turnover obviously gave them a great amount of momentum. Great play by them. They get the ball loose, it drops right into the hands of one of their D-linemen and he runs it in for a touchdown. That's tough. Coming into this game we knew that is what their defense thrives on. That sets you behind the 8-ball a little bit. They were up 17-0 very quickly and we go down and answer with a touchdown but unfortunately we just couldn't get much going after that. We were never really able to put drives together like we are used to putting drives together. We are used to being on the other end of these types of games. It is frustrating, it's disappointing, we are a much better team than we put out there but we have to take our lumps. We have to get better. A short week, a really short week as we have to fly five hours back to New Orleans and get there early in the morning. Rally and get ready for the Carolina Panthers coming to town. They have the same record as us, fighting for this division."

On if they would like to have another shot at the Seahawks in the playoffs:

"We have a lot of work to do prior to anything like that but we aspire to be in the playoffs. We aspire to win our division which is first and foremost. That is what we have to do and we will let that other stuff take care of itself. But as of right now the road to the Super Bowl looks like it is traveling through here."

On if this was an especially frustrating performance considering what is at stake:

"It would have been frustrating either way. We don't look at it as 'Monday Night Football,' everyone is watching and we didn't put together a great performance. We have put together a lot of great prime-time performances. More so it is just we know that Seattle is a great team. We know they are a team that we are going to have to deal with in the future. We are going to have to find a way to play better against these guys when that time comes."

On comparing Seattle's defense around the league:

"They are very good. They don't have any weak links. They are very good up front. They are very good in the linebacker position. They are very good in the secondary. They put it all together and they play very well together within their scheme. Obviously they play extremely well at home because they can thrive on that crowd noise and typically on offenses inability to communicate and the snap count and all of those things. They deserve a lot of credit."

On not getting the tight end and running back position going:

"We didn't get a lot of anything going. But Jimmy (Graham) caught some balls Sproles (Darren) caught some balls. I don't know if anybody was shut down but we certainly didn't execute like we are used to."