Police search home in connection with murder of father and son

New Orleans Police Chief Ronal Serpas released new information Friday about the double murder of a father and his seven month old son.

According to our partners at Nola.com and The Times-Picayune, two additional suspects were gunned down a week later.

Thursday night, police arrested two suspects in the drive-by shooting near the Crescent City Connection.

Officers picked up 23 year-old Kevin Thomas and 20-year-old Isaac Pierre in the 5100 block of Franklin Avenue.

Police booked them with two counts of first degree murder. After the arrests, the NOPD says it served a search warrant on a house in 6000 block of Lafaye Street.

At that same address, two men, 22 year-old Kerry Pierre and 21 year-old Verdell Lewis, were gunned down November 20th.

According to Nola.com and The Times-Picayune, Pierre and Lewis had previously told a police informant, described in paperwork as an associate, they were involved in the double murder of the father and son.

Chief Serpas is not confirming the two were connected. He only talked about what was found inside the home when police served that search warrant Thursday night.

"During the search of the house we found a small arsenal of guns including assault rifles and handguns. We also found guns in the car that Pierre and Thomas were driving when they were arrested last night," Serpas said.

Police say their investigation is far from over.

25 year-old Deshawn Butler and his 7 month-old Deshawn Kinard were riding in the back seat of a car on General Degaulle when a black SUV drove up beside them and at least one person opened fire.

Serpas has called it a gang related killing.