Former NOPD cop takes the stand in Katrina killing

New Orleans, La. - Former NOPD officer David Warren takes the stand in his own defense as he faces retrial for killing an unarmed man four days after Katrina.

Warren was convicted years after the shooting, but was granted a new trial.

The sister of Henry Glover left the courtroom sobbing at one point during Warren's testimony, but Warren gave a very composed account of why he shot henry glover.

Warren used his personal assault rifle to fire the single shot that ended the life of 31 year-old Henry Glover outside an Algiers strip mall where a police substation was located.

During his first trial which ended in a conviction, and this one, Warren maintains he opened fire on Glover and another man because he feared for his life.

After his attorney asked him to tell the jury his account, Warren turned to the jury and calmly said:

"I saw what I thought was the butt of a pistol and part of the barrel. If he gets through that gate I'm going to die and at that point I came up and I fired."

Warren also admitted about an hour before he shot Glover he fired a warning shot to scare a man on a bicycle who he thought was trying to enter the area he was guarding. he said he knew warning shots are against NOPD policy.

Judge Lance Africk informed the jury that there is no doubt that they will begin deliberations tomorrow.

This trial is going faster because prosecutors couldn't delve into the coverup this time, which included four other officers and the burning of Glover's body.