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Friday episode of 'The First 48' to feature NOPD

NEW ORLEANS - Matt Gordon is the man behind the camera. He's shooting for "The First 48," a documentary television show about police work produced by the A&E network.

"I can say without reservation this has been the work experience of my life," Gordon said.

Gordon and his crew started filming back in June. They follow New Orleans police detectives as they try to solve murders in the critical first 48 hours after a crime occurs.

"This is a place that's very busy in terms of homicide investigations, so we've done our best to keep up," Gordon said.

He said the idea is to show the entire process of investigating a case, from the detectives that do the case work to the effect homicides have on the victims' families.

"There are cases where people on the street do not want to talk. There is a lot of fear of retaliation, fear of revenge, and I think the work that these homicide detectives do, all 29 of them, is against the odds," Gordon said.

"The whole idea of bringing 'The First 48' here is to give the people of New Orleans and the nation an opportunity to see our officers and our detectives and how much these cases mean to them," said NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas.

With the NOPD in the midst of a major recruiting effort, Serpas believes "The First 48" will help  increase interest in the department.

"I called around the country and talked to other police chiefs that I'm familiar with and have been friends with for years," he said. "I called them and I asked them, and each and every one of them said 'this was some of the greatest free recruiting we ever got because after the show we tend to see a bump in interest in our department.'"

"The First 48" has a one-year contract with the NOPD.

Gordan has even moved his wife and child to New Orleans for the shoot.

"I can tell you, I've been with the show for the past 6 years. Since I've been with them, there's been talk of working in New Orleans. I think it was sort of the dream scenario for this kind of a show," Gordon said.

New Orleans will be the lead location for the new season, with between seven and nine episodes.

The first episode airs Friday night.

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