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After Further Review: Time for Saints to seize the moment on the road

The Saints are a much better team than the St.Louis Rams. On Sunday, it's time they show it.

The road stigma has hung around this team for far too long. Especially this season where prognosticators are quick to call them a Super Bowl contender but are equally as quick to add 'at home' to the end of that sentence. That's what happens when a 10-3 team is just 3-3 away from home and none of those three wins, with the possible exception of Chicago, screamed confidence.

It's a big reason why this year it seems the road storyline has become more prevalent than in years past.

The Saints should use Sunday as an opportunity to change that, somewhat. A solid victory won't completely erase their reputation but it will at lighten the criticism at least for one week.

The term 'trap game' has been tossed around all week. The Saints have shrugged it off and rightfully so. Shame on them if they take the 5-8 Rams lightly with what's in their grasp, especially given the recent past against this opponent in their house.

Head coach Sean Payton acknowledged recent history earlier this week with his team but was also quick to point to the present.

And the present reality is they are facing the Rams in the Edward R Jones Dome in St. Louis, a mediocre football team in a hollow indoor stadium in the middle of the baseball country in mid-December. It's a building and a team  that doesn't scream intimidation. The Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field this is not.

It's time to take advantage and take control. Their performance doesn't have to be dominant; it just needs to be convincing.

The Saints lost that game in 2011 not because of venue but because of their mindset and it cost them the two seed in the playoffs.

Let's hope things the Saints have learned their lesson in 2013.

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