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After Further Review: Saints deserve road reputation

New Orleans -- When questions about their road woes came up before Sunday, Sean Payton had been pretty quick to point to their overall success during his tenure in New Orleans in games away from the Mercedes Benz Superdome.

After Sunday, he won't be so quick anymore.

What's happened before this season is in the past. What's happening in the present is a problem- a road problem.

In 2013, the Saints are Super Bowl contenders and an elite team, as long as they're playing at home. On the road, those same contenders are getting closer and closer to becoming pretenders.

It's a stigma they did their best to strengthen with their lackluster 27-16 loss to the Rams in St. Louis.

Earlier this year I said that their Monday night loss in Seattle was their most disappointing loss of the Sean Payton era.

I was wrong. Sunday's stunner in St.Louis blew the Seahawks' loss away.

At least Seattle was the NFL's best team with the best homefield advantage in the league. This was St. Louis, a mediocre football team, eliminated from the playoffs, in an indoor stadium against a backup quarterback.

To make matters worse it's a script that they were all too familiar with. It was nearly the exact same scenario back in 2011 when the Saints traveled to St. Louis. On that day the Saints laid an egg and it cost them the two seed in the playoffs. On Sunday, they laid an even bigger one and it may cost them the NFC South crown.

Now the Saints MUST beat Carolina in Carolina next week to stay on top of the division and get a first round bye in the playoffs. A loss could make them a wild card team and force them on the road throughout the playoffs, a place the Saints have clearly shown that it would be much better for them to avoid.

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