Family of Henry Glover demands coroner classify death as homicide

New Orleans, La. - The family of Henry Glover showed up in force Monday morning at the Orleans Parish coroner's office. They wanted to meet with coroner Dr. Frank Minyard about classifying the death of Glover.

They knocked on the door of the office and forced their way in with a struggle. They continued on and eventually filled the lobby of the coroner's office demanding to meet with Minyard. The New Orleans Police were called and asked everyone to step outside.

The Glover family refused.

In the meantime, Dr. Minyard agreed to meet with the family. He has decided to reopen the case to determine how Glover died. Right now, the death certificate reads "undetermined."

Glover's family wants the Orleans District Attorney to open a murder case. Last week, a federal jury acquitted former NOPD officer David Warren of federal civil rights and gun charges.

Warren admitted to shooting Glover near an Algiers strip mall four days after hurricane Katrina. Warren says he believed Glover had a gun. An investigation though revealed Glover was not carrying a weapon.

Dr. Minyard says he will now look at all evidence to make a determination. Minyard says he will need a week to ten days to look at all of the evidence before making a determination.

The Glover family was satisfied with the coroner's decision.