Friend describes murdered armored truck guard as friendly, confident

Richard Miller
Richard Miller
Hector Trochez
Hector Trochez

KENNER, La. - A neighbor of the armored truck guard who was gunned down Wednesday while unloading money at a bank, says 45-year-old Hector Trochez was proud of his job.

"We've lost a good man. Period," said Richard Miller, the victim's neighbor.

Miller has known Trochez and his wife since he moved next door to them in a Kenner apartment complex in 2002.

"He had a very outgoing personality. He was friendly. We had a thing with the Saints games -  when they would win and make touchdown I'd go beat on my wall, and he would know I was listening to the game," said Miller.

They shared a wall and shared stories.

"I used to see him going in and out with his uniform on. Big-framed guy," said Miller.

Miller says Trochez told him he had been approached before by people when he was delivering money.

"He took work very serious. He would tell me, 'I'd go to the casinos to deliver money,' and if any body got even close to him he'd just stop, put his hand on his gun and say 'back away,'" said Miller.

Miller says Trochez liked his work and wasn't afraid.

"He was very confident - that's the word I'm looking for - in what he was doing. Probably more confident than I would ever be, cause I'm nervous as hell with guns, and I've been in the Army for 23 years," said Miller.

Miller said when Trochez wasn't working, he liked to fish with his friends and spend time with his wife.

Now, Miller waits for justice for his loving and friendly neighbor.

"My attitude: Shoot the guys that did it, 'cause they took a good man away," he said.

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