Jim Henderson's Week Sixteen Web Chat

The Saints went into Bank of America Stadium Sunday with hopes of capturing another NFC South title, instead the left with another road defeat and according to the voice of the Saints, Jim Henderson, Sunday's 17-13 loss to Carolina was the season's biggest heartbreaker:

"Cam Newton had been so well controlled that I personally felt and I think probably a lot of Saints fans would have felt the same way 'Well, that's okay, we can put the onus back on our defense, because the defense had played so well for the most part all game long."

And there was plenty of blame to go around, starting with head coach Sean Payton, who Henderson believes did not bring his 'A' game to the sideline:

"The fake on the field goal,  that went totally down the drain, looked awful, some of the other decisions probably so...getting away from the run again, I think even he admitted Monday that they probably should have run the ball more.  I don't think this has been Sean's best year as a playcaller and it certainly wasn't Sunday, I don't think.  And of course the big story during the week was his decision, impetuous or not, to get rid of your placekicker and your left tackle in the 15th game of the season."

Now the Saints are 10-5, losers of three of their last four, not the kind of path they wanted to take into the postseason, something that hasn't even been clinched:

"Now you're looking at being a five or six seed in all likelihood, unless Carolina should stumble against Atlanta and the way that they've played on the road probably gives no Saints fan confidence that it will be anything but a one-and-done.  Now that remains to be seen and the season isn't over until it's over and it's not over if you can make the playoffs so they've got to go back to that mindset of 'We've just got to get into the dance, get into the tournament,' that's they only thing they can say and they have to come out of Sunday's game with some sort of positive emotion and that's why the theme right after the game was 'We've shown we can go on the road and compete against some of these really good teams in a hostile environment with so much on the line and be that close to winning.'  It seems kind of late for a team of the Saints' stature to look for moral victories but that's all they have."