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Few tickets for Who Dats in Philadelphia

NEW ORLEANS - Saints fans could have a tough time landing a ticket for this weekend's playoff game.

It was a game the Saints had to win, and now that the Black and Gold put away Tampa Bay, it's time for the playoffs and a wildcard game on the road in Philadelphia.

The team will need all the fan help it can get this Saturday. But their ticket options may be limited.

"I'm waiting to find out right now," said Bob Bourg with DMI Travel. "I made a call for tickets. Don't know yet."

The team's not making tickets available for season ticket holders because Philadelphia only offered 525 tickets to the Saints, which will likely be used for coaches, players and staff. After that, if tickets are still available, "We plan to do as we have in the past, with our weighted season ticket lottery," team Vice President Greg Bensel said in a statement.

"Philadelphia's  not getting any demand - just a trickle," said Bourg. "I think people are looking for next week, if we get Seattle."

Though demand is light for the wildcard game, that could change as the week goes on.

Tickets were readily available online, most in the $200 to $300 range, and Bourg said he may get some more in a couple of days.

"We work close with the Saints," he said. "If they have tickets that their families aren't using, we have access as part of our relationship."

Bourg said he can easily charter a plane if demand for game packages picks up. But for now, there's not much availability or interest.

"No, I don't like Philadelphia," said Saints fan Jeanne Metzger.

"I think everyone in New Orleans is a little let down because we wanted to host a playoff game, at least one, and then go to the Super Bowl," Bourg said.

Now the road to the Super Bowl won't come through New Orleans, and it appears few Who Dats will be making the trip.

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