Jim Henderson Commentary, Week Seventeen

Saints fans found themselves in a unique position Sunday. To make their heroes' playoff path easier, those fans first had to root for the Falcons against the Panthers and then the Cowboys against the Eagles. To root for either of those despised rivals was tough enough. To root for both of them on the same day was particularly distasteful.

The bad news for Saints fans was that they both lost. The good news for Saints fans was that they both lost.

Sadistically it makes us feel better knowing that the Falcons and Cowboys feel worse, doesn't it?

Could have been home in the dome. Could have been inside in Dallas. Instead it's outside in Philadelphia. But at least the Saints are alive in the playoffs...though living in Philadelphia doesn't qualify as living in the estimation of the city's many critics.

Story lines abound in this one. Nick Foles and Drew Brees. Quarterbacks who share the same high school and the same number 9.

The punishing Eagle running game led by NFL leader Shady McCoy.

The multi-pronged Saints passing attack.

The answers to a pair of questions yesterday were Khiry Robinson and Drew Brees. Who was the only Saint receiver or running back of 12 available targets not to catch a pass? That would be Robinson. Who was the Saints 2013 rushing leader in terms of touchdowns and longest touchdown run? That would be Brees.

Brees threw only 12 interceptions this season, his second lowest total as a Saint. Foles threw just 2 and 27 touchdowns, the best TD to INT ratio in NFL history.

If you aren't sick of hearing about it already, you will be by Saturday and beyond unless the Saints do something about it: this team's problems scoring, winning, and in this case advancing in the playoffs on the road.

But you should remember this: the Eagles at home this season were 4-4. Four straight losses at home to open the season. Four straight wins at home to conclude it, their last a 43-point conquest of visiting Chicago. But still, their .500 record at home is the worst of the 12 teams still alive in postseason.

W. C. Fields once suggested his epitaph on his tombstone should include a posthumous shout-out to his birthplace reading, "I would rather be living in Philadelphia." To earn the chance to go to Seattle the next week, the Saints will have to stay alive there as well.