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Nagin, Payton and crime lead our top story list of 2013

NEW ORLEANS - The year 2013 was another extraordinary year in news in the city of New Orleans.

From the indictment of a former mayor, to the return of a Super Bowl winning coach, and some mixed signals in the war on crime, once again, there was no shortage of major events that shaped us in the last 12 months.

He was a two term mayor who guided New Orleans through Katrina, but for Ray Nagin, the storm, was just the beginning. The year 2013 began with a federal grand jury handing up a 21-count indictment against Nagin, charging him with alleged crimes ranging from bribery to wire fraud, and setting the stage for a trial early in 2014. And Nagin wasn't the only person making the courthouse march.

After a series of Fox 8 Lee Zurik investigations, outlining allegations of payroll fraud, theft of services, and lavish expenditures on his personal boat, former St Tammany coroner Peter Galvan pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit theft charges, in October, and now faces up to five years in prison. But 2013 saw some defendants in the Glover and Danziger death cases, get their convictions thrown out.

After being found guilty in the deaths of two people on the Danziger bridge, five New Orleans police officers got new trials, due to prosecutorial misconduct. In the Glover case officer David Warren was acquitted, after he landed a new trial on appeal. The year also saw more horrific deaths, especially of children.

In August, the mother of one-year-old Londyn Samuels lashed out after the murder of her little girl. The year also saw the murders of 11-year-old Arabian Gales, and in November, seven month old Deshawn Kinard was shot to death, as he rode in his car seat in the back of a Honda, on the foot of the Crescent City Connection.

But in spite of those tragedies, the city actually saw one of it's biggest decreases in murders in years. As of December 31, 2013, the city's murder count stood at 155 for 2013, compared with 191 in 2012.

The city also saw a resurgence in it's real estate market. Latter and Blum reported the number of single family homes or condos available for sale dropped 20% this year. With reporting prices up 6%.

2013 was a year in which the NBA Hornets buzzed out, and the Pelicans flew in, complete with a new color scheme.

2013 was also the year, the Saints, got Super Bowl winning coach Sean Payton back. After a dismal 2012 in which the coach was suspended for bountygate.

Though the Saints are now in the midst of a playoff run, they sat on the sidelines, as the Ravens and the Patriots came to New Orleans to play in Super Bowl 47.

Despite the game being interrupted by a power outage, many believe the city's performance as a Super Bowl host, proved once again, why it's considered a top choice for major sporting events

There were also some sad passages over the past year.

In march, we lost broadcaster, and former WVUE news director Alec Gifford, at the age of 85.

In August, New Orleans said goodbye to former congresswoman Lindy Boggs, at the age of 97. Earlier this month, we bid farewell to blue dog artist George Rodrigue, after a battle with cancer

And three weeks ago, New Orleans said goodbye to TV personality, Frank Davis.

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