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City touts economic progress in 2013; credits job training

NEW ORLEANS - Mayor Mitch Landrieu said a string of new retail openings in 2013 means the city no longer loses much-needed tax revenue to other parishes. He called a news conference on the last day of the year to talk about the city's economic progress.

Costco, H&M, Tiffany's, and the new Mid-City Market are just a few of the recent additions. New Orleans also welcomed new, smaller businesses and knowledge-based companies like GE.

The mayor says those economic strides were made as the city placed a huge emphasis on job training this year with its Job 1 program.

"We worked with Costco from the beginning to ensure that we had access and training available for individuals who were interested," said Nadiyah Coleman with Job 1. "That's what workforce development looks like when it works."

Job 1 helped 3,500 people either find work or receive the proper training needed to apply for open positions, according to a news release from the city.

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