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Canceled flights leave travelers waiting at Armstrong International

NEW ORLEANS - The travel nightmare caused by bitter wintry weather did not spare travelers at Louis Armstrong International Airport on a day when Saints fans were heading out to the northeast for Saturday's playoff game in Philadelphia.

Flights to the northeast were being canceled right and left Friday because of snowy conditions that hampered planes needed for flights in other parts of the country.

By the afternoon, flights were leaving for Philly. Saints fan Christian Rooney caught a flight out around 2 p.m.

“"I believe, I believe in the Saints,”" he said.

He's not worried about the frigid conditions that will confront the Saints in Philly.

"We'’re in this to go to the Super Bowl, and we need this win to prepare ourselves to go to Carolina, so I think this is actually a positive thing," Rooney said.

Some Eagles fans who visited New Orleans for the holidays were also flying back home.

"When we came out here, when we made these reservations, we had no idea that we would be playing the Saints in a playoff game," said Eagles fan and season ticketholder Katherine Thomas.

"We'’ve been here having a great time in New Orleans, but we’'re going home to the game," said Connie Campbell, another Eagles fan heading back home.

A group that performed during halftime for the Sugar Bowl was bound for Philly, and said the Saints are in for a challenge weather-wise.

"I would say so, and the Saints players - they'’re not used to cold, they'’re always in the Superdome, so we’ll see," said one of the girls in the group.

Lines were long as travelers tried to get replacement flights. 

"We're a little stranded, we're sitting on a two-hour delay right now," said Bryant Harris, a Sugar Bowl fan. "Looks like we're going to miss our connection flight in Chicago."

“"I had a flight for, like, 9 this morning, I got here at 7 and still waiting, so they say it’'s going to be a wait, a lot of people got turned down, so I’m still waiting," said Kiyante Myers, who was trying to get to Las Vegas.

A group of friends from Mississippi was waiting for word that they would have a flight to New York City.

“"I mean, it'’s fun hanging out with all of them, but we'’re ready to get to New York and go play in the snow and go shopping," said Shelby Clement. "There will be no shortage on the ground,  that’'s for sure. But hopefully we can get there soon."

Her friend, Paige Boykin, echoed that.

"Sure we are, we have a birthday girl over here who is hiding who is ready to shop," said Boykin.

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