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J.P. deputies kill man who allegedly stabbed girlfriend to death

1300 Pier Ave. 1300 Pier Ave.

New Orleans -- Jefferson Parish deputies shoot and kill a Metairie man after they say the man stabbed his girlfriend to death. This all un-folded in front of residents Saturday night in the 1300 block of Pier Avenue.

Keith Mercier is emotional recalling the events of Saturday night. "I tried to go to her, her clothes were removed and she was bleeding really, really bad so I got a towel, tried to slow down the bleeding, there wasn't too much we could do for her," Mercier said.

Mercier was celebrating the Saints big win Saturday with neighbors when he and others say 26-year-old Jessica Broussard came stumbling out of her boyfriend's house.

Neighbor Mindy Durr explains, "The girl was screaming, he's stabbing me, and ended up on my front lawn and he was over her, continuing to stab her."

Durr grabbed her two young kids and ran inside, not knowing what was going to happen next. "We have no idea if he was around the corner, I mean we just didn't know," said Durr.

Mercier says he watched as 29-year-old Noah Scott stopped stabbing Broussard and walked back to his house across the street. Minutes later, Jefferson Parish deputies arrived. "Three police officers were in the middle of the street, I warned them that he was dangerous, he was right in the house, they went in through the door, they warned him two or three times to drop the knife and then they shot multiple times," Mercier explained.

A spokesman for the sheriff's office says Scott lunged at the deputies with the knife, which is why they fired their weapons, killing him.

The ordeal has rocked this quiet street. Neighbor Judith Cangelosi says, "It was just devastating, just devastating especially in this neighborhood because I've been here 49 years, my father's been here longer than that and nothing like that has happened around here, not ever."

Mindy Durr says she's too scared to stay at her house right now, explaining, "We're gonna stay away for a few days and then we'll see from there what happens. I mean I still feel safe, I love my neighborhood but you still have that instilled in your mind, what you saw."

But most importantly, Durr says she feels for the families of both young people, adding, "It's a loss for everyone. Everybody's traumatized."

Neighbors say Noah Scott lived with his parents. They've been residents on Pier Avenue for years. Deputies say no one else was home when the stabbing happened.

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