Gretna Police shoot two armed robbery suspects

Left: Darren Robin, Right: Shawn Ward
Left: Darren Robin, Right: Shawn Ward
Left: Tramell Lafrance, Right: Dale Brown
Left: Tramell Lafrance, Right: Dale Brown

Gretna, La. – A high-speed chase ended in gunshots as police followed two men suspected of robbery from Gretna into Orleans Parish Sunday morning.

On Jan. 5, at about 2: 25 a.m. Gretna police officers received a call that an armed robbery was happening on the 900 block of Lafayette Street. According to police, the officers saw a car driving away from the area without its lights on while on their way to the robbery. The officers attempted to stop the car, but the driver sped up, going over 100 miles-per-hour.

During the chase, one of the suspects tires blew out, but the driver still didn't stop. The car drove off of the Westbank Expressway and onto Behrman Highway where the suspects began to slow down and throw money out of the car's windows.

According to police, Dale Brown, the driver of the car, jumped from the moving vehicle and charged the pursuing officers carrying a black object in his hand. An officer, fearing for his life, shot Brown in the leg. Brown fell to the ground before getting up and running from the scene.

Tramell Lafrance, the passenger in the suspect car, got out of the car after it crashed into a tree and pointed a hand gun at the officers. Before he could shoot at police an officer shot Lafrance in the side.

Darrin Robin and Shawn Ward were both riding in the backseat of the car and taken into custody without incident.

Brown was later tracked down by a Gretna Police K-9 officer and his partner and taken to the hospital along with Lafrance.

Brown, Lafrance and Ward were booked with Armed Robbery and Robin was booked with Principal to Armed Robbery.

Officers recovered the money, plastic containers from the safe and cigarettes that were stolen during the robbery along with the masks, gloves and guns that were used.

Today, Lafrance and Ward were both rebooked with Possession of Stolen Property after it was verified that the weapon used during the crime was stolen out of Kenner on December 14, 2008.

Brown is a member of the Harvey Hustler's and Lafrance is an associate of the group.