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Protecting your pipes from freezing temperatures

New Orleans, La. - It isn't your typical day at the hardware store.

"We've had people coming in and buying boxes of insulation, duct tape and anything that keeps the pipes under a house protected," says Kyle Borden.

Faucet covers, pipe insulation and duct tape are items in high demand.

When you get home, it's important to know how to wrap your pipes. You'll first look for any exposed pipes around your home. You should use the insulation to wrap the entire pipe.

"Make sure you insulate the whole pipe. Don't leave a little space between the insulation. Make sure you butt it together with a piece of duct tape to hold it together, " says Pete Graffeo.

Exposed faucets will also have to be covered.

"The best thing to do is to take the hose and disassemble it because that's going to have water inside of it. The hardware stores sell covers for the faucets," says Graffeo.

For homes built off the ground, protecting every pipe under the house can become a big job.

"If you haven't insulated and you're running out of time, you can go to the hardware store and pick up some black felt paper. You should take it and nail or tack it to the outside of the house to block the wind," says Graffeo.

Once the work outside is done, you'll want to run a pencil lead thin stream of water from a faucet inside of your home.

"You really need to use hot and cold water out of the faucet. You might want to turn your hot water heater down to a low setting so it doesn't kick on and off all night long," says Graffeo.

Taking these precautions now may prevent you from waking up tomorrow morning to the costly problem of broken pipes.

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