Woman arrested for rash of home burglaries

Janell Keys, 38
Janell Keys, 38

Kenner, La. - A Kenner woman has been arrested in connection with a rash of home burglaries that occurred over a one month period. 38-year-old Janell Keys has been arrested and charged for her role in 10 separate home burglary complaints.

The break-ins began in early December and continued until January 2nd. All of the homes targeted were located on East Loyola Drive, East Louisiana State Drive and Ole Miss Drive.  Following an investigation into the case, Kenner Police executed a search warrant at the home of Keys who lives in the 3700 block of East Loyola, close to where all of the burglaries occurred.

As a result of the search warrant, officers discovered property that was taken in several of the burglaries. Investigators say some of the stolen property was pawned. Keys reportedly admitted her role in the burglaries advising she acted as a look out while others committed the burglaries.

Keys was charged with the crimes of attempt simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling (2-counts), simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling (8-counts), and possession of marijuana .2 grams (which was recovered during the search warrant of her residence).

Kenner Police say in each of the burglaries, the home was broken into from the rear of the property, either by finding a window unlocked or breaking it. The property stolen from all of the homes includes money, jewlery, laptop computers, video game systems, and other electronics equipment.

Keys remains in custody. No bond has yet been set and Kenner Police say the investigation continues. In addition to the burglary arrests, Keys was also charged with five outstanding standing attachments for issuing worthless checks, one for possession of marijuana, and two for the traffic violations.

Chief Steve Caraway urges anyone with information these incidents or concerning Janell Keys and her associates, to call the Kenner Police Detective Trey Hille at (504) 712-2213 or Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

The burglaries / attempt burglaries were reported the following dates and locations:

DATE REPORTED                         LOCATIONS                                    TYPE

12/8/2013                    3700 block of East Loyola Drive                  Attempt burglary      

12/12/2013                  3700 block of East Loyola Drive                  Residential burglary

12/13/2013                  3700 block of East Loyola Drive                  Attempt burglary      

12/16/2013                  3800 block Ole Miss Drive                           Residential burglary

12/26/2013                  3700 block of Ole Miss Drive                       Residential burglary 

12/29/2013                  3800 block of East Loyola Drive                  Residential burglary

12/30/2013                  3800 block of East Louisiana State             Residential burglary

   1/1/2014                   3700 block of Ole Miss Drive                       Residential burglary

   1/1/2014                   3500 block of Ole Miss Drive                       Residential burglary

   1/2/2014                   3500 block of Ole Miss Drive                       Residential burglary