Louisiana Purchased Educational Supplement: Introduction

WVUE/FOX 8 News presents this educational supplement to "Louisiana Purchased" - a joint investigation by FOX 8 chief investigative reporter Lee Zurik and our reporting partners at NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune - as a resource for educators who want to offer their students an inside look at state politics, through the prism of campaign finance.

We realize as you do that there's the textbook description of politics and the real world of politics. It's important for the engaged citizen to understand both. And we've found that financial factors are so critical to the political process that we have come to consider "following the money" to be a mandatory task in understanding the motivations of our state and local leadership. We hope that our investigative work will be accessible and informative to you and your students.

We've put together the following resources, much of it from existing material developed by state officials:

We hope you will use this supplement, in conjunction with classroom viewing of our video reports, and consider with your students what our findings mean for democracy in Louisiana.