Louisiana Purchased Educational Supplement: Classroom activities


  • Name the three major branches of state government
  • Who is the current governor of Louisiana?
  • How many members are there in the Louisiana House of Representatives?
  • How many members are there in the Louisiana Senate?
  • Judges are part of which branch of state government?
  • What's the difference between a "major office" and a "district office" in Louisiana?
  • What is a campaign contribution?
  • What is a campaign expenditure?
  • Do all political candidates have to report their campaign contributions and expenditures?
  • Which government agency enforces and enacts campaign finance laws and regulations?

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    Suggested discussion topics and classroom activities

    • Why is campaign finance important?
    • Are there changes (reforms) that you'd like to see to Louisiana's campaign finance law?
    • Use the Find My Legislators web site to find out who represents you in the La. House of Representatives and the Senate. You can also look up who represents you in your local city or parish council by going to the appropriate city or parish government web site.
    • Use the state's Campaign Finance Reports web site or NOLA.com's searchable database to look up the latest reports on contributions and expenditures for your local lawmaker, mayor, council member and other politicians.