Jefferson Parish deputies shot suspect 29 times

Noah Scott
Noah Scott

Metairie, La. - Jefferson Parish deputies shot a man 29 times when he lunged at them with a knife over the weekend and say it appears to have been a case of "suicide by cop."

Sheriff Newell Normand released the details Tuesday morning of the Pier Street stabbing and shooting.

The sheriff says his deputies responded to the 1300 block of Pier Street Saturday night after neighbors told them Noah Scott had stabbed his girlfriend to death.

26 year-old Jessica Broussard died on the scene.

Deputies found Scott inside the house and say he wouldn't drop the knife and kept telling deputies to shoot him.

Scott was killed when deputies say he lunged at them.

People in the normally quiet Metairie neighborhood were celebrating the Saints win Saturday night when they noticed 26 year-old Jessica Broussard stumbling from her boyfriend's house.

"I tried to go to her. Her clothes were removed and she was bleeding really, really bad so I got a towel and tried to slow down the bleeding. There wasn't too much we could do for her," said neighbor Keith Mercier.

"The girl was screaming, he's stabbing me. She ended up on my front lawn and he was over her continuing to stab her."

Sheriff deputies quickly arrived and they say Broussard's boyfriend, 29 year- old Noah Scott walked back into the house. Deputies knocked on the door and they say Scott answered with a knife in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

"All three officers were right at the entrance of the home. Scott was inside. Officers repeatedly asked him to drop the knife. Mr. Scott repeatedly asked the officers to shoot him," said Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand.

Sheriff Newell Normand says moments later, Scott ran toward deputies.

"At that point in time, the three officers simultaneously fired what we believe is either 35 or 36 rounds," said Normand.

An autopsy later revealed Scott was shot 29 times.

Sheriff Normand says both Broussard and Scott have a prior criminal history and he says last year both were involved in a domestic dispute incident.