Saints try to erase memory of their last trip to Seattle

NEW ORLEANS - The Saints' 34-7 blowout loss to the Seahawks was so one-sided, there were teachable moments throughout the contest. A popular theory after such a nasty game is to move on and forget the past, but Sean Payton feels that's a bad idea.

"It is what it is," he said. "I think that you look closely at the film. You look closely at the, you have enough time where you are looking at all the games. You have a ton of film to watch and you are looking to correct the errors and get ready to play a team that is going to be rested and a team that had an outstanding season, an amazing season."

The most important moment in Seattle didn't happen on the field that Monday night, but carried more weight than most performances this 2013 season.

"That was not a very good performance by us," said Drew Brees. "They played very well. A lot of credit (goes) to them. Just knowing that we have to get better and the road to the playoffs and the Super Bowl looks like it's going to go through that place. If we want to accomplish what we set out to accomplish, then we better find a way to go there and win. I was just hoping we have another opportunity and here we are with that opportunity."

In the Sean Payton era, the Saints are 1-2 on the road at Seattle. The one win came in 2007, after starting the season 0-4.