Friends honor Who Dat with jersey tribute

NEW ORLEANS - Jamie "Bone" Galloway had three loves: music, food and the New Orleans Saints.

"He was a man born on Valentine's Day and he had the biggest hug in the room," says friend Michael Kohn.

Galloway died suddenly in February, just days after his 41st birthday.

A member of the band Juice and a chef, Galloway was also a fixture in the Superdome. He sat in Section 645, a group of longtime season ticket holders made up of local musicians and service industry folks. Galloway always had on one of two Deuce McAllister jerseys.

"He wore them at every gig," says friend Aron Lambert. "He would wear them if he wasn't working, he was probably wearing one of the jerseys."

So his friends had an idea: wear Galloway's jersey in his honor. Miles Jordan wore it for the first game of the season.

"When Miles was born, Jamie was the first person in the hospital to meet him so, per capita, Miles has known Jamie longer than any of us," says Miles' father, Dave Jordan. "He's known him 100 percent of his life."

The jersey then went to the Cardinals game, the Dolphins, Bills and Cowboys. It saw the Saints beat the 49ers and Panthers, passed from friend to friend every weekend.

"It's kind of a faded gray right now," says Lambert. "You can still read the McAllist- on the back and you can see the 26, but it's faded out.

"And we all sort of have our own superstitions and we don't wash our jerseys very much during the season, and so we're not sure, but I don't think this jersey's been washed in like a year and a half right now, so the funk's pretty strong."

Dave Jordan wore the jersey last week for the Eagles game, as the Saints made franchise history.

"It's not really a matter of the fact that it's undefeated or not, it's just a nice bonus," says Jordan. "And we plan to keep it undefeated, by the way."

Another friend from Section 645 made a request to send the jersey to Seattle for the game.

It traveled northwest.

"To know that some of our friends are going to have it out there this weekend when we beat the sea chickens really makes me feel wonderful," says Lambert. "To know that his family gets to still celebrate him is a gift for all of us."

Friends have also organized a benefit for Galloway. The 1st Annual Jamie Galloway Memorial Concert will be held Feb. 23 at the Maple Leaf. Money raised will go to the New Orleans Musicians Clinic.

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