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Police arrest three teens for bringing a gun to a Slidell basketball game

SLIDELL, La. - Police prevented a potential shooting at a high school basketball game after receiving a tip that someone planned to bring a gun to the game.

According to the Slidell Police Department, officials from the St. Tammany Parish School Board contacted the department and told them that students were overheard talking about a potential fight that could take place at the Slidell high School vs. Covington High School basketball game.

As a precaution, Slidell Police assigned extra officers and plain-clothes detectives to monitor the game. Officers on the scene received a tip that Steven Warren was seen with a gun in his jacket earlier in the night. According to police Warren was quickly detained and questioned about the gun. Detectives located a fully-loaded handgun in a car parked outside the Slidell High gym. Police say Warren came to the game with Rico and Terrence Bedford, who were also in possession of the gun at some point during the night.

Detectives were told by at least two of the suspects that once they saw the overwhelming police presence, they decided to keep the gun in the car.

All three suspects, who are from the Covington area and who are not current students, were placed under arrest and charged with carrying a fire arm on school property.

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