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Who Dats gathered together to watch Saints game Saturday

Fans at Nola Brewing Co. Fans at Nola Brewing Co.

New Orleans -- From Mid-City to the Warehouse District and Uptown, people all over New Orleans gathered to watch this final game of the season, with fellow Who Dats.

Record crowds packed the Nola Brewing Company on Tchoupitoulas Saturday, which was transformed into a massive Saints viewing party with locally made beer and a screen big enough for everyone to see. Owner Kirk Coco says, "Going to the playoffs is huge for all of the businesses in New Orleans but even more so for the attitude of the city."

Parties stretched across the city. Lucy's and some of the other bars in the Warehouse District, were so crowded, no one else could get in or come out. Baton Rouge resident Crystal James says, "New Orleans knows how to party like nobody else."

North shore resident Deborah Burst says, "We've been in the city since 10:00 this morning walking through the quarter and Saints fans are everywhere, the love is here."

There were certainly plenty of highs and lows for fans watching the match-up with Seattle. At the onset, most were feeling pretty confident about the Saints chances and said they were proud that the team made it this far. "Considering our playoff record on the road, it's been a good run," said Meghan Smith.

Beth Manley adds, "I think it's a great team and win or lose they always try as hard as they can and they did and it's a great group and we'll be proud of them no matter what."

It all came down to the final quarter and that crushing loss. But Who Dats say given what they've seen this season, they have high hopes for next year. "Jimmy Graham is probably the best thing this team has going for it. And Drew's coming back, I know there was some conjecture at the beginning of the season he wasn't what he used to be but right now I think we're in a really good spot to be working on the offense, tie the whole team together as a unit," said John Hall.

The other thing that ties the Saints together...their fans. These people say they'll be there just as loud and proud next year. "We'll still be eating our Popeyes chicken, we'll still be Who Dats, and we'll still be supporting the Saints all the way, we love them," said Deborah Burst.

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