Jim Henderson Commentary, End of 2013-14 Season

Re-entry into the real world without a Saints football game to look forward to is difficult this dreary Monday. It was easy to dismiss and delay everyday concerns and obligations for the last six months.

It was Saints season.

Now they can and must be addressed.

Did I ever take out that garbage before the start of training camp last July?

Priorities are changed.

The world no longer revolves around kick-off.

And closets rearranged. Black and gold to the back. Gold, purple, and green to the front.

Misery loves company and soon we'll have more new neighbors in heartbreak hotel.

In two weeks the fans of 31 other teams will grieve along with us. The fans of one will share our elation of 2009 as Super Bowl winners.

Both the disappointment for the loser and the rejoicing for the winner is magnified with each step forward in the rounds of the playoffs.

The Saints, Colts, Chargers, and Panthers were all kicked to the curb over the weekend by the teams favored to do so....three of the winners playing at home, including the Seattle Seahawks playing in front of the hearty --- but probably no longer healthy -- 12th man fans.

Hoodies off to them for sitting through an absolutely miserable Saturday afternoon at CenturyLink Field. I never saw an empty seat there. In the fourth quarter you could feel the stadium shake with emotion. Or maybe it was just shivering.

This postseason the "NFL experience" may be hypothermia...though both Seattle and Denver are forecast to get a respite from winter this weekend.

The winter of the Saints fans' discontent will continue. But as the days grow longer our memories of the season's disappointments will grow shorter.

As a Saints fan, when you invest your heart in July the odds are against a favorable return in February. But you did it and you'll do it again this summer because if you live here it's so much more preferable to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

And I will see you then.